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• Photographs of ascidian species from all over the world and bibliographical references: Dutch ascidians Homepage
• Photos and drawings of ascidians:


• Looking for an old book : AllBookstores
• German data base which objective is to provide free access for all scientists to the old zoological literature, particularly to those important publications where name-bearing zoological taxa were originally described: AnimalBase
Gallica is a web site where you'll find pdf version of books from the French Bibliothèque nationale. Among others you'll find publications from Rafinesque, Sowerby, Swainson... There are also ancient maps from the 17 and the 18 century.
• Books and reports from the 19th century, including the reports of the H.M.S. Challenger Voyage of Exploration (1873-1877): Library of 19th Century Science
• Of course, Google book search: search full view books
• Looking for a book, a publication in a French library: SUDOC

A network with provide among other tools a data base on French flora: Tela Botanica

• For any information you may require on scuba diving in Malaysia and South-East Asia: dive courses, dive trips... Contact Henry Batzer at Scuba Dynamics. Scuba is his passion, he started diving at age 10 with a certification course for his 12th birthday !
Email :


• Checklist Australian echinoderms with distribution and biblio: Australian Faunal Directory.
• A fantastic data base for sea urchins : the echinoid directory.


• Fishbase is a global information system on fishes. It was developed at the WorldFish Center in collaboration with the FAO and many other partners, and with support from the EC.You can search the data base.


• Checklists of the non-marine molluscan species group taxa in northern, atlantic and central Europe: Clecom.
• Searchable taxonomic database concerning European marine mollusca: Cleman.
• Giancarlo Paganelli web site devoted to conidae: coneshell
• The Conus biodiversity website: 3,225 available Conus species published between 1758 and 2006...
• A biotic database of Indo-Pacific marine mollusks: the primary objective of this project is to provide a database of the estimated 25,000 named species of mollusks in the Indo-Pacific region, with summary data on their distribution and ecology.
Conchologists of America:
- A Classification of the Mollusca by Dr. Gary Rosenberg
- CONCH-L: the first Listserv expressly for shell collectors ; archives.
Freshwater Molluscan Shells by Martin Kohl: an attempt to fill a void in popular materials covering worldwide molluscan shells.
• A data basis where you can find biographic references in the usual litterature for a lot of shells: Malacos
• Molluscs types catalogue of the MNHN: catalogue des types de mollusques
• A web site on mico schells:
• An image collection of molluscs found mainly in Singapore and Malaysia: Molluscan pictures.
• On this forum you can ask questions, post information and find out more about nudibranchs, bubble-shells, sea hares. An unavoidable tool for anyone with an interest in sea slugs: Sea slug forum.
• Nudibrachs from Anstralia: Nudibranchs of the Sunshine coast of Australia
• Online Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology: Complete Work
• Seashells of New South Wales: table of contents


• A fantastic online information system on coral reefs: ReefBase


• The EMBL reptile database.


• Exhaustive data base on sponges: World Porifera database


• An online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan: Animal Diversity Web
• Mikko Haaramo's archive of various phylogenetic trees
• The palaeos site is dedicated to providing detailed information on the history of life on Earth: systematics, invertebrates...
• Maddison, D.R. and W.P. Maddison. 1996. The tree of life: a multi-authored, distributed Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity.
• Biodiversity information system that contains information from a multitude of sources: Systema Naturae 2000...: The Taxonomicon
• Database System for Systematics and Taxonomy: SysTax
• Field Guide to plants and animals of the world: Zipcode Zoo


SHOM: Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine : Prediction *
SHOM: Les variations du niveau de la mer et la marée
SHOM: Le marnage et les types de marées
SHOM: Links

CO-OPS: Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services: What Makes the Tides
CO-OPS: Glossary, PDF 600k
On-line tidal prediction service from the UKHO : Prediction
There, you can get free predictions for 7 days and for £1.75 you get a 14 days prediction. Those predictions are available for a great number of places all around the world ; for East peninsular Malaysia, the following localities:
Chendering, Geting, Kertih Terminal, Kuala Dungun, Kuala Rompin, Kuantan, Mersing, Pahang, Paka, Penawar, Pulau Babi Besar, Pulau Varella, Setiu, Sungai Besut, Sungai Kemaman, Tanjung Berhala, Tanjung Gelang, Tanjung Penawar, Tanjung Sedili, Tanjung Sedili Kechil, Teluk Tekek, Terengganu, Tumpat.
Scripps institution of oceanography library : Links for tide predictors, tide observations, tide prediction software, information...
Tide tables all over the world for free: XTide Tide Prediction Server
* Only in French


CoolMenus is an advanced menu script easy to use and very flexible. offers softwares, java scripts & applets.

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Teh Seng Hoe, The Malaysian sea level monitoring network, Gloss report, 1996


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