The aim of this website is to share the pleasure of exploring underwater life and molluscan fauna, I've discovered in Malaysia a few years ago. More about
it: Why this web site ?

News :

• March 8th : La malacologie dans la peinture, PierreVilvens, in French: SBM.

• March 14-15th, Paris shell show : Xenophora

• April 12th : Faune et paysages marins de Bretagne, Christiane Delongueville et Roland Scaillet, in French : Gloria maris.

• May 10-11, Antwerp shell show : SBM.

• May 30th, field trip : SBM.


And also...

40th anniversary of the Belgian Malacological Society at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural sciences : pictures.

• August in northern Mozambique (Nacala): scenics, underwater pictures: poriferans, cnidarians, molluscs, annelids, arthropods, echinoderms, tunicates, fish.

• Gastropods and bivalves but also fish, corals...from East peninsular Malaysia (Perhentian, Tenggol)

• A special page on the four types of tide
: Remarks about the tides in east peninsular Malaysia

The holiday pictures: Lithuania 2004, Mozambique 2005 (Tofo), Mozambique 2006 (Nacala)


A few pictures from Mozambique

2007 Linnaeus Tercentenary

Have a look on the web site of Santo 2006

Santo 2006 is a MNHN scientific expedition to document the fauna and the flora, both marine and non-marine, of a large, rugged island in the South Pacific: Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu.

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This website is dedicated to the vanishing coral reefs fauna from
Teluk Dalam, Perhentian Besar, east peninsular Malaysia.

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