Strazdai, Lithuania, 2004

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Strasdai, lake Baluosas, Lithuania

Strasdai, on lake Baluosas, winter view !

Animals around the farm

Main activities : gathering berries, mushrooms, fish and eating !

On the road near Strazdai
Lycaena sp.
Mating Zygaena cf. filipendulae (Linnaeus, 1758)

The pollinophagous palaearctic banded scarabid,
Trichius fasciatus (L., 1758)

After the rain in the forest, no snails but a lot of frogs !

Rana arvalis

On lake Baluosas, near the little island in front of Strazdai, cf. Unio

On lake Baluosas, near the mouth of river Buka, Lymnea cf. stagnalis (L., 1758) and Planorbarius cf. corneus (L., 1758)

On lake Baluosas, near lake Baluosykstis: a lot of Trichoptera cocoons on an old stump

At the East of lake Baluosas, in an island

All the houses are in made of wood. It's almost impossible to stop a fire. All you can try is to prevent it to spread. The photos were made one hour after the beginning of the fire, 30 meters from our house, when the firemen arrived... This first hour was used to transport buckets of water from the wells and the lake to the fire.
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