The first personel project I've tried to achieve was to make a illustrated list of the marine gastropods and bivalves I found in Perhentian islands and Tenggol.
This might be of some interest because the molluscan literature on those islands is very limited* and the environment may evolve quickly, at least in some places where the pressure of tourism is high.

Perhentian islands (map) and Tenggol are on the East coast of peninsular Malaysia. Since 1995, the East coast islands are marine parks and protected. There is an interesting Coral Cay report on the coral reefs around Perhentian: "Malaysia reefs and islands, conservation project 2003, report of the marine pilot phase". It gives a good overview on the environment, the condition of the corals and may be a tool to set up a more efficient conservation policy ; but, this paper does not include any study of the molluscs.
The only significant articles about the Perhentian vs. molluscs are the two papers of Purchon (1980). The sources of Purchon are his own collection during a stay on the islands and the collection of an amateur. The only sampling technique used by Purchon was to collect at low tide ; no systematic or exhaustive study was done.

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I've spent one month in Perhentian during the summers 1999 to 2001 and two weeks in Tenggol in 2003. The first shells were found by my son on the beach, then I've collected at low tide and snorkeling. Collecting at low tide is not so easy because low tides only occur at night ! I've tried to explain this strange phenomenon: Remarks about the tides in east peninsular Malaysia

So you can find here a list of gastropods and bivalves observed in Perhentian islands and Tenggol in shallow water. It is not completed because some identifications are still pending, a new species is to be described this year (2006). A lot of illustrations are also missing, I'm currently redesigning this part of the site.
Although I'm mainly interested in gastropods and bivalves I've done a few photos of fish and invertebrates. Today, only photos of fish from Perhentan islands are online : fish from Perhentan islands

If you would like to go a bit further you can go to the reference page: bibliography, references.

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