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For the last two years I've spent one month each summer in Mozambique. In 2005 in the South of the country, mainly in Tofo near Inhamabe and this year near Nacala, in the North.

The pictures
were taken in August 2006, snorkeling and diving from Fim du mundo, with an Olympus C-750 UZ and an Inon D-2000 I was using for the first time... I've added some pictures taken in 2005 on Tofo beach.

Tofo beach

Nacala bay

The identifications were only made on the basis of the photographs which is very hazardous for most of the species. As a consequence the Latin names might not be accurate. All comments, corrections are welcome.
The books used for the identification are listed: bibliography.
Special thanks to Fiona McIntosh who allow me to use some of the pictures she took in Fim du Mundo.
To improve this website, I am always interested in receiving additional photographs.

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Pseudoceros bifurcus
Phyllidia varicosa
Protula sp.

Odontodactylus scyllarus
Aspidontus taeniatus
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