Aspidontus taeniatus

Blenniidae, blennies
Aspidontus cf. taeniatus Quoy & Gaimard, 1834, false cleanerfish
This fish is really a nice one for a photographer: always in the same hole, motionless ! As it's rather small, living in shallow water in a place with waves, I had trouble to focus and had to come back for a few day: the fish was always at the rendez-vous !
In a narrow hole (in fact a worm tube) an other Aspidontus is living, more shy, I wasn't able to take a picture ofvit. Aspidontus taeniatus is known to live in pair.
Aspidontus taeniatus imitates the cleaner wrasse Labroides dimidiatus. Wilson reports that the blenny imitates its model so well that it's nearly indistinguishable from it in both appearance and swimming habits. The blenny, instead of cleaning the victim will bite and consume pieces of its fins.

Snorkeling, Fim du Mundo, Nacala, Mozambique, 2006

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