Mozambique • Tunicata

The identifications were only made on the basis of the photographs which is very hazardous for most of the species. As a consequence the Latin names might not be accurate.
The books used for the identification are listed: bibliography.

Tunicates or urochordates form an original group. More pictures and links can, be found on the Dutch ascidians homepage.

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TUNICATA, Ascidiacea, sea squirts
Atriolum sp. with Lissoclinum patella (Gottschaldt, 1898) on the left
Lissoclinum patella
Lissoclinum patella (Gottschaldt, 1898)

TUNICATA, Thaliacea, salps
Salpa fusiformis
Salpa fusiformis (Cuvier, 1804)
Salpa fusiformis
Salpa fusiformis (Cuvier, 1804)
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